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Drop-off / Pick-up

What is the procedure for morning drop off?

Morning drop off for Franklin School students begins at 8:10 when the red or green flags go up. Cars line up along the right side of the driveway in a single line. From 8:10-8:25 drivers may enter the circle to drop students off. When dropping off children in the morning, please stay in line. Do not pass another car or bus. Teachers on duty will signal when it is time for cars to move forward. Children should exit the car on the passenger side at the sidewalk. It would be most helpful if students had backpacks, lunches, etc. ready to take when it is their turn to exit the vehicle to avoid delaying other vehicles. Children proceed along the right side of the school on the sidewalk to the rear playground. All vehicles exit via the gate at Hewitt Ave.

Students arriving after 8:25 should enter the school. At no time are children allowed to cross the parking lot or driveway unattended. Cars are not permitted in the rear of the school at any time during the school day.

What are the procedures for school dismissal?

Students are dismissed at 3:00p.m. Children who take buses are organized by bus line in the cafeteria and escorted while boarding buses in the traffic circle . Walkers are escorted to the perimeter of the school property by teachers where they can be met by parents. Children being picked up in cars are dismissed from the rear of the school out of the gym doors.

Students being dismissed to car pick-up wait in the gym and are released from the rear porch. Vehicles line up in a double line along the right hand side of the driveway from Andover St. At 2:50 parents may drive slowly to the rear of the building where the children board, six or seven cars at a time. Children must be dismissed by the teacher on duty and should WALK to waiting vehicles. A sign indicating your child’s last name should be placed by your windshield so that it is visible to the teachers on duty. Once loaded, cars continue around the school and exit via the Hewitt Avenue gate.

Please refrain for talking on your cell phone when dropping off or picking up your child/children. We have been asked by the Superintendent's office to remind parents that in accordance with the Mass Idling Law, car engines should be turned off when not moving.

Younger siblings must remain in the vehicle during pick-up. It is not permissible to allow them to exit the vehicle to use the playground equipment. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping all of our children safe!