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Summer Math Ideas

Bedtime Math

Math is everywhere! Ask your children to look for the math all around them and share with you. If you haven't already, create an account on the North Andover Community page to read some stories and practice some math using the Bedtime Math app. Directions on how to sign up and the Bedtime Math's Summer of Numbers are included on this flyer.  Check out our video on the Math Family Resources Homepage!

Greg Tang Summer Math Challenge!

Find information about this fun summer Math challenge from Greg Tang at the following link:

Ideas for finding math in the real world

Have fun with activities such as:

  • Cooking: reading, measuring, pouring, counting, combining
  • Shopping: weighing, comparing prices, sales/percents
  • Games with cards and/or dice
  • Crafting or sewing: measuring, shapes
  • Carpentry projects: measuring, perimeter, shapes, angles

Ideas for K-2:

  • Find everyday ways to practice counting, making tens, addition and subtraction facts. 
  • Play with measuring, pouring, stacking, filling, estimating.
  • Count shells, sea glass, etc. at the beach
  • Create and combine shapes in the sand
  • Count objects at the playground
  • Pour water into different shape sand pails to compare volume

Ideas for 3-5:

  • Find everyday ways to practice multiplication and division. Look for places where you see rows and columns like items stacked in the grocery store or plants in the garden. Pose questions such as "If a pizza costs $8.00 and we need to get 7 of them for the baseball team, how much will that cost?"
  • Be on the lookout for fractions. Watch for sales that say "1/2 off." Ask your child:
    • Can you figure out the sale price?
    • What if you have to share some money you earned babysitting or mowing lawns? How much is half of your money?
    • Double a recipe. What happens to the fractions?
    • Hide the half measuring cup and ask: What other measuring cups can you use to get the same amount for a recipe? 
    • Have your child work on a gardening, crafting, carpentry, etc. project with you and measure together using fractions.

Most importantly enjoy the summer!!