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5th Grade Ceremony Video

5th Grade Ceremony Video

I'm linking the video for the Moving on Ceremony below, but I wanted to take a moment to connect with each of you.

You know, at 5th Grade Night I usually get a chance to say goodbye to all of you, but especially families who will be moving on from the Franklin as their youngest child ascends from 5th grade. I usually have people raise their hands to see who is at their first 5th grade night and then again to see who is at their last 5th grade night. To those of you who have come to an end of your career at the Franklin School, we will miss you. Each of your children and you have brought something special to our school.

6 years is a long time, but it goes by quickly. For some of you, you may have only known me as the guy who makes those obnoxious calls on Sunday afternoons (and who it took years to finally look at the Patriots game time BEFORE I schedule the call). For some of you, we've had many run-ins over the years through volunteering, PTO, or just checking-in on your children. And to some, you've broken me from my "I don't comment on Facebook" thing. Regardless of how well we got to know each other over the years, I hope you can rest assured that for whatever length of time you were here, your child felt respected, appreciated and cared for. If they can walk away feeling that way, then we've done our job.

This year was certainly one for the books and I want to thank you for how much support you showed the teachers, the school, and me. I know every decision wasn't the popular one, and I would have loved to have made more popular ones, but I appreciate the understanding and respect that came along with whatever the decisions were.

Much like I hope the best for your children, I hope the best for you and your families too. May you all come out of this pandemic healthy and stronger. And for those of you who this is not your final hoorah at Franklin... well, you're stuck with me! 

Here's the video! 

Thanks and have an amazing summer!

Joe Clarke